The fishing aisle…

Posted by fishergirl on March 8, 2011

You know the one, the aisle where you conveniently leave your family in the toy section to just run to and grab some swivels or leads that you badly need and end up wandering aimlessly up and down the aisles trying to figure out what is junk and what might just work.  No?  Maybe it’s just me…  Anyways, I have way more than I am comfortable to admit spur of the moment purchases floating around my tackle boxes but every once in a while I do find something fun.

I recently read a post on one of the forums and a someone suggested trying some other swim baits besides our good old curly tail grubs.   Hmmm… I love those little guys as I mentioned a few posts back, but this particular poster is one of those REALLY good fisherman, I make sure to sit up and pay attention when he throws out any tips to the rest of us.  So, as I was on my fifth lap around the fishing section I spied a little bugger that I thought just might do the trick.  It was new, or at least I think it was new to this particular aisle.  I had never seen it before and I ditch, I mean momentarily leave, my family in the toy section all the time to come and do my rounds.  To me it looked like it would do a good job at impersonating a little hinalea or something similar so I grabbed a pack to add to my collection of- I so don’t need it but gotta have its.

Today there was a break in the rainy weather we have been having here on Kauai and my buddy and I managed to enjoy a beautiful morning fishing.  We started out in one spot near a river mouth and decided to pack it up and change locations, too much debris floating around from the heavy rains.  It looked like I was whipping with a rope with all of the grass and junk that would come back with each cast.  So off we went to the next location.  What a difference!  It was beautiful and looked soooo good.   We threw out some stinky bait and then I took off to see what I could drum up.  I started off with my trusty MW’s, then on to a wax wing, even a ranger and nothin’.   Well except for one po’opa’a, but none of our papio friends anywhere….

So I started to reach for my grubs when I remembered my recent purchase and thought what the heck.   I rigged it up the same as I would a curly tail.  The package recommended a weighted jig head but I didn’t have any with me so a bkn hook and a egg lead were gonna have to work.  Here is the little lure in question.

Kinda sleek looking huh.  I really liked the red eyes and that pink fleshy color.  So here we go, I start tossing it out and managed to hook up a hinalea and another po’opa’a.  I have to say this guy was pretty sturdy.  He lasted for a while, survived both fish and the nipping that always happens the the tails of my other grubs, which is nice because they are not as cheap as the others either.  Anyways, I tossed it out one more time and viola!  Papio!  He (or she) was only 10.5 inches and released safely back to make more fish for later.

So obviously I will deem this little lure a winner and when all else fails, he will definitely get used again. It’s suppose to be raining again tomorrow, so you’ll know where to find me… that is unless mr fishergirl and the minnows find me first!

Happy catching everyone!


3 Responses to The fishing aisle…

  1. Mark

    Wow i like that pic of you and the fish, i bet he had a fight to him trying to bring him in. well it looks like that i have to hit that same fishing isle too LOL. I need to get me some of that beautiful pinkish bait. Well You have a great fishing trip and always remember never face your back to the ocean. Be Safe and Catch the big one. Mark.

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  3. Wen Bannister

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