Family Adventure

Posted by fishergirl on March 14, 2011

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here on Kauai and my family and I set out to have a little adventure.  We packed up the truck and set out to find some fun.  Just in case you are wondering, here is what that looks like in our world….

We were off to one of our favorite spots were I can fish some amazing grounds and mr fishergirl and minnows can ride dirt bikes as well. Fisherboy is still recovering from a broken arm so only fisherkid and mr fishergirls bikes made the cut.  If you are curious, yes there is a fishergirl bike looming somewhere but since there would not be enough room in the truck, I took one for the team and packed my beloved fishing poles instead.  I know… so selfless of me huh ;)

So we get to the entrance of the “spot” and the recent rains proved to be too much on the little access road and there was no way we were gonna make it in, or now that I think about it, there was no way we were gonna make it out.  Sigh.  So we regrouped and pulled up the map on my iphone to see what was nearby that might end up being fun for everyone.   We settled on a little bay that we had spent some time at a few years ago just up the highway a little bit.  It meant no dirt bikes but it is one of those fun out of the way places that everyone was happy to go.   We loaded up the kids and ourselves with all that we would need and hiked out to the edge of the bay where we thought the fishing would be the best.  Mr fishergirl and I whipped around a bit and I wasn’t getting any action so I decided to rig up my dunking rods and send out some stinky bait.  I had just prepped up some ika that morning after being inspired by Bruddah Bill’s recent post, so I was ready.  I have to mention that I resisted my urge to run the hook through the squid twice.  I have always read to just hook it once, don’t choke the hook and send it out.  I don’t know why this is is so hard for me!  I think it must come from baiting up all of those worms in my childhood while fishing for trout and bass, the better you hid the hook the better chance you would have.   This time I fought that urge successfully and against my better judgment hooked it once and let it fly.

About 15 minutes later mr fishergirl and the guppies headed off to hike around the bay for their own little adventure.  I picked up a whipping pole to give it a try again but just before I made my first cast the pole on my left went nuts!  Oh… that will NEVER get old.  To hear the bell and line being pulled against the drag then to see the pole totally bent over, sure fire way to get your heart racing!  I scrambled over to the pole and after I took the bell off and got it out of the holder I thought maybe I had lost it but it turns out it was just running back at me.  It wasn’t long before it went for another run and I knew it was still there.  As soon as I felt it make that turn and start to fight me sideways I knew what I had on the end of my line and sure enough a pretty little o’milu surfaced and was happily retrieved by me.  Luckily the rest of my family hadn’t made it that far and I was able to call them back to show off my catch and take a photo with my small fry…

This one measured out to just shy of 17″ and I had already decided before that the next fish I caught would be brought home.  So mr fishergirl deposited it in the cooler for me and promptly filleted it up when we got home.  And yes, I named it dinner….


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  1. slocasino

    Good post, thanks. Do you have a Twitter account?

    • fishergirl

      haven’t done the twitter thing yet. I’m worried if I do I’ll never get away from my phone and computer to go fish ;) Happy Catching!

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