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Posted by fishergirl on April 26, 2011

Ohhhhh…. Their a coming!!!  I am so excited!  Fish everywhere!!!  Are you ready??? No?  Get ready…. for an action packed summer!!!  I can hardly contain myself! Okay… breathe breathe breathe…. okay…okay… whew, that’s better… so now that I have caught my breath, let me tell you (I hope in a way less spastic way) what I’m talking about…

Lots and lots of action this past week.  It started off with a trip to some flats, the surf was pumping and it was the only place to safely fish for a few days.  The first day I fished it, I had at least 4 hits and one hook up that managed to get wrapped around a coral head and get off.  The fish were amazing, chasing the lure right to my feet where I ran out of room and they would turn tail and take off.  I was mainly using a Mark White 1/4 oz and I did toss out a few grubs, the only thing I actually caught was a massive hawk fish but I tossed it back still hoping to land a papio.   Time ran out and I had to pack it in and surrender for the day… I will admit it, I was pretty bummed I didn’t hook up but it’s still amazing to see those omilus all blazing blue and green up close and personal like that.  As I lamented on my facebook page about my woes, a good friend accused me of losing my fishing mojo!  Uhg… I promptly de-friended her and proceeded to cry…Just kidding, all in jest but there was no way I was going down like that…

The next morning I started calling all my fishing partners while I was driving my own little guppies to school but they were all going surfing.   $&#*(@)!   Rather than learn how to surf I started calling up some girl friends who I knew liked to fish, usually just small hand pole style stuff.  I just had to see if I could persuade one of them to come on an adventure with me.  Why did I need a partner so bad???  Well, I will go lots of places by myself but this spot is just a little too remote for me to feel comfortable all by my lonesome.  I want to make sure I get back to my guppies and mr fishergirl after all…  I did manage to get a hold of a friend and talked her into doing twice as much work the next day so she could play with me, I’m such a good friend… and off we went!  One quick stop by the store to grab her some tabis and we headed out to one of my favorite stretches of shoreline.  I really wanted to get back on those same flats since I had all that action the day before and when we arrived at the shoreline it was confirmed that’s where we would be since the swell was up even more than the day before.  I set my friend up with a golf ball/grub rig, filled her pockets full of grubs, slapped on our tabis and we headed out.  When the tide is low enough (which it was) you can wade out a good distance on these particular flats.  I showed her where the higher rocks were and where good spots to cast would be and she handled like a champ and was doing great.  After a bit I put a little distance between us and started tossing out my 1/4 oz MW again.  About 10 casts in… bam!   I really didn’t want to loose this one to another coral head or rock so I just bullied it right in.

Here is a pic I stole from my friends fb page, can’t believe she had her camera ready out there but how cool…

And here is my prize for the day after I scurried back to the beach.  I had intended on tagging it but when I got to my bag I realized I had forgotten to put my tagging kit back in my pack when I had rearranged it the night before.  So a quick pic and I sent it back on its way.  Looked to be about 13 in or so…

I did have another really nice chase on the MW and even tried out my new little waxwing for a while but that was it for the day.

Fast forward to Friday, which happened to be Good Friday so other than being one of the most meaningful days of the year for me, mr fishergirl had the day off from work.  We decided to go play up on the north shore for a change.  When we arrived it was low tide and perfect for wading across some flats to a deep channel that cuts in.   You can see the channel in this pic, believe it or not it gets about 40 or 50 feet deep in there.

I headed out to the edge of the channel and had a strike by my second cast, omilu papio again.  The water is amazingly clear here and it is so cool to see the fish come out of the deep from under the ledges after your lure, it always amazes me how fast they are.  Two cast later I had two chasing my little mw!  Ahhhh…..  I am just drooling cause they are right there but just missing or I’m running out of room and they are gone…  I did snag a few moanas, a hawk fish and about 4 strikes from our papio friends when it was all said and done.   So back to the beach to hang out with the fam…sniff… Anyways, when I got back to the beach fisherboy was super excited because my hubby finally gave him the rubber sling to the three prong spear we have been letting him practice swimming around with.  Needless to say it was a major milestone day for him.   They found a coconut and practiced shooting on the beach before they went out for a full fledged spear diving session.  He didn’t get anything his first time out but let me tell you that boy can’t wait to go again!

Finally today I checked the tide and saw there was a nice little high tide late this morning so I headed down to one of my regular south shore spots.  I fished a low ledge that has been a lot of fun in the past until the tide came up and made it a little too adventurous for my taste.  The only other option then was some pretty high cliffs.  I thought I was going to hike out but when I looked out there were oodles of fish…  there are usually a few kalas and uhus that you can spot anytime here, but there just seemed to be more going on today.  I tossed out my plugs but there were no takers so I decided what the hay and threw out my my new favorite grub.  I instantly hooked up a fat trumpet fish, reeled it up the cliff and did my best not to get completely slimed from it and tossed it back.  I figured I would try for a moana so the next cast I let my lure sink a bit more and bounced it off the bottom.  Still pulled up another trumpet!  Okay, one more try.  Again I worked the bottom and got another fish on.  This one was definitely bigger and I could not believe my eyes when I got it in closer… A nice omilu papio!!!  I got it to the edge of the cliff and gently reeled it up.  I wasn’t sure the hook would hold but I thought I would give it a shot and it worked!

Now what do I do with it?  I had not one tidal pool nearby to keep it alive while I tagged it on top of the cliff, not to mention the 20+ foot drop back off the edge to release it so I was thinking about just keeping it.  Then there is the fact that I didn’t bring any ice or a cooler to properly take it home…. hmmm…. It was a really nice fish…. I seriously needed to hurry and make up my mind if it was going to have any chance.  I realized I really wanted to let this one go so it could hopefully go make more and more papio to catch in the future so I high tailed it down to the little cove nearby to do my best at getting this fish back swimming again.  The shortest path was pretty steep and I was in a hurry but I kept reminding myself “it’s just a fish, your by yourself, watch your footing!!!”.  I don’t know if you have noticed but I tend to get a little excited at times so I was repeating this over and over in my head.  When I made it down I found a great little tide pool to revive the fish and there definitely was a point when I didn’t think it was going to make it but after a few minutes it perked back up nicely.  Since it was looking like it would see another day I went ahead and tagged it, snapped another photo and sent it on its way!

Measured up at 14.5″

So now do you see what I am so jazzed about??  I’ve seen more fish in the last week than I have in the past few months combined!!  And yes I realize this would be A LOT more impressive if I actually caught all of the them, but still great to see them so active.  They seem to be really interested in the smaller lures at the moment but just imagine when the water warms up a bit and they really get hungry…  It’s gonna be so much fun!   So get ready… stock up on your lures, dust off your rods and reels and do something special now for your sweetie so they will be more than happy to let you get out there and fish cause it looks like this is going to be one fantastic summer!!!

One last little top off to my super fun week… Both fisherboy AND fisherkid along with little ol’ me,  made it into the latest addition of Lawai’a magazine!

They both raised the bar at show and tell this week, good job boys!!!

Happy Catching Everyone,


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