Memorial Day Camp Out

Posted by fishergirl on June 1, 2011

Before I begin, I want to give a shout out to all of the brave men and women and their families who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  I really cant find the words to express how much this means to me, everything just falls so short.  To those of you who made it through the battle and who are still serving and deployed, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all for ensuring our freedom.  From the big stuff right down to the right to author this silly little blog about fishing.  Thank you for protecting my children.  Thank you.

Okay.  Now on with the silly little blog…

Every year my crew hauls it all out on the sand with some good friends for a long weekend of fun, sun, fish and surf.  No running water, no bathrooms, well except for that crazy bumpy 2 mile  4WD trip down the sand to some questionable facilities and the coldest shower I have ever experienced.  Basically it’s roughing it, but in one of the most beautiful settings on the planet.

Last year I got home and was so excited to post about my weekend on one of the forums since I caught a pretty nice fish and then it hit me… I realized that I had taken tons of photos of all of my fishing set ups and said catch and not one single solitary photos of my own little guppies.  It was one of the many signs that I have a legitimate fishing addiction.  Here’s a photo recap of last year’s trip…

So this year I thought I would make sure to combat my glaring addiction head on…

I even went so far to take a photo of the dog.

Maybe next year I will actually slow down enough to take good photos of them…  We will just have to wait and see…

So on to the fishing!  I fished and I fished and I fished.   Here is the ammo…

For the record only half of those are actually mine.  The farthest one is my new custom and I also claim the four closest.

So what did I catch?  The first night I caught a 9 in papio whipping with a grub just as the sun was setting.  I gently released it back and kept fishing.  A few minutes later I reeled in my very first moi!!!  They really are good little fighters.  It was about 12 in long and I was actually surprised it wasn’t bigger from how hard it hit.  I released it also and sorry no photos of these two.  I do have to admit a mistake I made and didn’t realize it until I got home.  I thought moi season was closed, so that was the main reason I let it go.  I would have liked to cooked it up out there, you know how much better everything tastes when you are camping and I could only imagine how good it would have been, it was a moi after all.  When I got home and checked the regulations, it was actually legal, by 2 days!  Oh well, fish and learn.

The next evening the tide got low enough I could fish on the outside of the pond and I managed to hook into this nice omilu papio…

It was such a good fight.  I caught it on my lightest set up with one of those fancy new grubs and had quite a battle with it.  There was a second (or maybe two) when I though I might lose, but I somehow managed to keep the line tight and tried not to give it even an inch.   It measured out at 15.5 in and was nice and fat for it’s size.  I really do like to tag and release most of the fish I catch but the camp was so excited and remembered how good the one from last year was that I handed it over to mr fishergirl for the cleaning.  He quickly gutted and scaled it and handed it back so I could get it on the grill.  I scored the outside and rubbed it down with some Hawaiian salt and minced garlic inside and out.  Stuffed it with some lemon slices, also putting some lemon slices on the outside along with a little butter.  Wrapped the whole thing in foil and threw it on the bbq to be tended by the grill master (who happens to be none other than my regular fishing partner) and headed off with a truck full of kids to the showers.   We got back just in time to see the fish come off the grill and we dug in.  Holy smacks, SOOOO tasty!

The lighter gear ended up getting the most use out here, it just suited the conditions better.  I did toss out some big ol’ lures but in the end the small stuff won out.  Also I had two dunking rigs going this year but they didn’t get much action either.  I am really liking the new tradition of my annual memorial day fish.  Let’s hope we can keep this one going!

Hope you and yours had a great weekend!

Happy Catching,


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