Where is fishergirl??

Posted by fishergirl on October 3, 2011

Where is fishergirl?  Yes I have had this question pop up in email, personal messages, facebook posts and even a phone call from a certain big island fisherman.  My favorite was version was… “What!?!  You fall in or something?  Where are you??”    Well the truth is I have been landlocked!  Yes green fields and sweaty minnows have been keeping me from my regular fishing addiction. In reality I am fisherMAMA and with the hopes of keeping my life and theirs in balance, I have been that crazy lady yelling from the sidelines for her favorite player instead of the crazy lady who is always fishing.

But they are getting good…

Yes, landlocked as I have been I still have managed to get down to the rocks and fish.  Just not as much as I would like to.  Even with my less frequent outings, this summer has been a strange one…  I have been calling it “The year of the chase”.  That’s what all the fish I see seem to be doing.  Chasing, chasing, chasing but sadly not a lot of hook ups.  I have seen so many fish and they look like they are gonna commit then… nothing, nada, zip!  On the other hand,  I recently had a 40 lb white ulua chase my itty bitty 1/2 mw right up to the rock I was standing on.  I couldn’t believe it!  I looked like a super pissed off submarine charging right at me!!!  This one probably would have taken the lure but I didn’t let it have it… There would have been no point, that beast would have SCHOOLED me for sure!  I was fishing with my lighter set up…. Where were you when I had my big rig mr fat ulua??

Then there have been the cut offs…  Maybe it’s that I am targeting bigger fish but I have sure been paying my dues in the form of some of my favorite lures…  I’ve lost at least 3 of my favorites this summer.  Ugh.

Thankfully, just when I was starting to think I had really lost my touch and there was not another fish in my future this little guy came along to cheer me up…

ahhhh… thanks friend I needed that!  Now where is your big brother??

You know dry spells happen, I know dry spells happen, but what we need to remember is that life is in seasons.  Maybe this one is all about chasing down soccer balls, wide receivers and that elusive ulua but maybe next season the tide will turn.  We will see!

Enjoy the chase…


5 Responses to Where is fishergirl??

  1. Joel

    It is all about the chase isn’t it! I’ve had a story on my draft board for maybe two months now that is all about that aspect of fishing or any of life’s pursuits for that matter. It kinda stalled, it may be too deep for me, can’t seem to get a good grip on it.
    Good to hear from ya!
    How’s that mag huh? Did you read the editorial? “our two newest writers”!!

    • fishergirl

      Thanks Spyda! I know that topic can be tough to fully conquer. I have been wanting to write about balancing it all… fishing, responsibilities, commitments and have been having the same type of issues.
      I did see the editorial, very cool. I have always been impressed with the product they put out over at Lawai’a and feels good to be a part of it! Oh, and I still need your autograph! ;)

  2. Nancy

    Thanks for the share!

  3. mw

    Ciao! loving Italia! dreaming of whipping with my new leader systems. Hollowcore. Arevaderchi! m

    • fishergirl

      Can’t wait to hear all about it! Have a great time!!! When do you get back?