I’ve Been Robbed!

Posted by fishergirl on January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a memorable Christmas and holiday season!  We certainly did around here, one of the best yet!

Okay, now on to the story…

Recently I went on a solo session out at one of my favorite spots.  It was a beautiful day, blue skies, light winds, all caught up on work and the minnows were at school…. ahhhhhh….  So off I went.  Started off whipping my larger set up and had a couple of really nice chases and strikes but sadly no hook ups.  I kept at it until my arms were pretty taxed and the action had come to a halt.  I had brought along my little grub pole as well and decided to see if there was any small game that would be up for a little adventure.

Sure enough there were trumpet fish by the truckloads, they were at the end of almost every cast!  Now, this is not what I consider a prize fish but it is still good fun to me to catch fish, any fish, so I played along.  I was reeling in about my 15th trumpet fish when it happened…  I don’t know if you have caught many but their fighting action is very distinct.  They give almost a vibration type action when they are fighting to get away and this one had been doing just that.  When I had about 15 more feet till he was all the way in, the tension on the line became noticeably different.  A strong sharp tugging action instead.  ???  I was up on a ledge about 5 feet off the water and the water was super clear that day so I started paying more attention to what might be going on.  One more sharp tug and I saw the silver flash, and then it came again and I had the perfect view of none other than a barracuda taxing my almost acquired and soon to be released trumpet fish.  Hard to say but it looked to be about 24 inches.   It was determined and with one more chomp it had what it came for!  And I was left with half a fish…

It looks like a regular old trumpet fish…



This is what I love about fishing!  Well not just this but crazy stuff like this happens all the time and if your not out there you miss the opportunity to see it.  Often we have the best view for nature at it’s finest.  Sunsets and rises, rainbows, whales, fish eat fish brutality… and obviously we all hope for the big one at the end of our line.   Even if I didn’t get what I was after I still had an amazing experience and enjoyed the beautiful shoreline that I am so fortunate to live by.

This year get out there and fish, you just never know what story you’ll have to share when you get back but guaranteed there is always one to tell!

Happy New Year!


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  1. Jay

    wow… awesome pics and report.. The “half” that got away